I create bespoke training programmes according to your personal goals. After an initial assessment I will give you a realistic overview of how to reach your destination safely and within a target time. I will then travel with you every step of the way to ensure you succeed.

Hollywood Transformation

Training for the best red carpet looks.

Wedding Makeover

Fit The Dress and The Tux for your perfect day.

Zero To Hero

For those who've never exercised before.


Active recovery from injuries, stress or illness.

Martial Lore

Shaolin training for maximum inner/outer toughness.


Holistic sessions for bodymind health.

About Laszlo

I was a competitive track runner at school, but once I got the chance to study Shaolin Kung Fu in my teens I jumped at the chance. A few weeks later I became a monk at the Hungarian Shaolin Temple.

Later, as I was working my first job, I graduated to teaching at the Temple. In my spare time I enjoyed overnight ultra-long hikes, on routes up to 100km at a time. I'm an open-minded, easygoing person and I loved meeting and getting to know people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

I came to the UK in 2004, met my partner and had children, becoming a stay-at-home dad. Four years ago I decided it was time to go for my next physical goal: champion bodybuilder. I'm still working on that one! It takes time. Meanwhile I got formal qualifications in fitness training so that I could start work doing what I love the most - helping other people to make their lives better through action.

Physical Aptitude


Skills and Experience




Good Humour



The recipe for success is to love what you do every day.

Time Well Spent

Health and Rehabilitation Goals

Time of Your Life

Bodybuilding Specialist

Time Out Of Mind

Strength Training

Time For Celebration

Be Your Best On The Day

Time To Unwind

Healthy Eating Plans, Gain or Lose

Time For Yourself

Specific Sport Conditioning

Time On Your Side

Shaolin Discipline and Development

Time Without End

I Help You Be Your Best

We're Stronger Together

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